I have always thought that if I am pretending to be happy when I am down then I will magically happy. Sounds pretty dumb, eh? Well, I have that principle until I read “Happy Love Guide” and the other books about “Self-development”.

Before I read the books I often smile even when I feel down in the dumps and hiding my uneasy feelings. Truthfully, I didn’t feel better. It just made me worse. Back then, I often cried myself to sleep.

I can’t say I have a happy life. There are many up and down in my life as a roller coaster. Oftentimes I regret my decisions in my life and wish I could turn back the time. Sometimes I feel insecure and useless.

This is life! We can’t turn back the time!

After reading the books, I was trying to embrace my sadness and be honest with my own feelings. I’m starting to feel better…

I need such a book. I assume..