I wore Asian Games Hat :D. Dunno I like this photo.

I have never imagined becoming a volunteer for the 2018 Asian Games; everything just happened. Around February 2018, I had the desire to become a volunteer (With no serious desire). Playfully, I was looking out for info about volunteers on Google. At the Asian Games Volunteer 2018 site, I found out INASGOC had volunteer vacancies for Asian Games 2018. Without hoping to be accepted as a volunteer, I signed in as a volunteer of Asian Games 2018 :D.

Around three months later? I received an email from INASGOC that told me that I passed the administration test. Over the moon? Of course! I was pleased. They say happiness comes from the least expected corners :D. Well said, they speak the truth.

Okay, the stories continue. I head out to Jakarta to do some tests. I had to pass the examinations to be accepted as a volunteer of Asian Games. The tests were a piece of cake (maybe?? I hope it was piece of cake)., though I was afraid I wouldn’t pass the exams. The tests were psychological tests and FGD (Forum Group Discussion).

Two weeks had passed (I’m not sure hehe), and then I received an e-mail that told me that I had been accepted as a volunteer of Asian Games. I was delighted! Well, I was afraid I had messed up the tests, hehe. But I made it right? :D. Part one has ended!